Stop the unfair denial of healthcare and extend OHIP coverage to all Ontarians

Dear Premier Kathleen Wynne and Health Minister Eric Hoskins,
     We are a broad group of community members, health and social service providers, and we are concerned about the ongoing denial of healthcare to many of our fellow Ontarians. We call on the Ontario government to truly provide excellent care for all Ontarians, and extend the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) to cover all residents of Ontario.
     In 2009, Duncan McCorkell was diagnosed with colon cancer while non-status, denied life-saving treatment, and subsequently died as a result of his illness in Toronto. In 2011, Maki Ueyama and her husband received a $22,000 bill after the premature birth of their twins during their three-month waiting period for OHIP as new immigrants. For the past five years, Adil Yousif was denied access to OHIP for treatment to save his legs from amputation while his humanitarian application was pending, despite working in Ontario and contributing taxes.
     There are countless other stories: children who have been turned away from emergency rooms because parents could not pay cash upfront; pregnant women who have foregone prenatal care for fear of unpayable bills; and too many who have suffered and died as a result of being denied access to healthcare in Ontario.
     In Canada, many believe we have a universal healthcare system. In reality, there are an estimated 500,000 people in Ontario who are denied healthcare coverage due to their immigration status.*
This includes new immigrants in the three-month waiting period, temporary foreign workers between contracts, some international students, non-status individuals pending response to various immigration claims, and even returning Canadian citizens who have left the country for a period of time.
     Those without health insurance are active members of our communities: our neighbours, co-workers, friends, caregivers, farmers, and homebuilders. They make vibrant and vital contributions to Ontarian society, and yet are denied the basic human right to healthcare. When in need of health services, they often delay seeking care, leading to worsening medical conditions, and when they do access care, they are often denied services if they cannot provide cash up-front, and are left to languish or are saddled with large bills.
     In response to this crisis, there has been a proliferation of clinics for the uninsured, many volunteer-run, in addition to community health centres who have some limited funds to serve this growing population. Though serving a crucial function with limited resources, these services are neither comprehensive nor sustainable solutions for providing quality and accessible healthcare.
     Recently, we have seen Toronto and Hamilton declared sanctuary cities by their city councils. This means that all municipal services are accessible to all people regardless of immigration status. We want to see this for healthcare services at the provincial level, and that is why we are asking for OHIP for All. Covering everyone with OHIP would prevent avoidable downstream costs to the healthcare system, avoidable negative health outcomes for people in our communities, and stop the unfair denial of healthcare services to those Ontarians in need.
     The Ontario government has shown its commitment to equitable access to healthcare in the past. When the federal government cut refugee healthcare in 2012, the Ontario government stepped in to fill the gap in health coverage. Similar to the refugee health cuts that were deemed “cruel and unusual” by the Federal Court, the ongoing denial of healthcare to uninsured residents of Ontario is unacceptable, unjust, and must also be corrected.
     We call on you to fill the remaining gap in health coverage and leave no Ontarian behind. You can end the current patchwork of temporary solutions and denial of care now by providing OHIP for all residents of Ontario. Let’s build a truly universal healthcare system for our province.
     We call on the Ontario Government to:

      • End the OHIP three month waiting period for new immigrants, temporary foreign workers, migrants newly approved for Permanent Residency, and returning Canadians
      • Provide OHIP coverage to those left uninsured with temporary status, including temporary foreign workers between contracts and international students
      • Provide OHIP coverage to those left uninsured while inland immigration sponsorship, humanitarian, and compassionate status applications are pending.
      • Provide OHIP coverage to those left uninsured due to being non-status while residing in Ontario.

* Based on CIC 2014 statistics.
This is excluding Medical Tourism.

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Over 1300 people and organizations have signed this open letter.

Individual Supporters

Ahmed Bayoumi, Toronto, Physician
Karen Tomlinson, Toronto, Health Promotion
Cian Knight, Toronto, Patient Community Engagement Specialist
Amy Katz, Toronto, Knowledge Translation
Abeer Majeed, Toronto
Fatima Khan, Toronto, Social Worker
Andrea Townsend, Toronto, Program Coordinator
Sue Hranilovic, Toronto, Nurse Practitioner
Hasumie Hosogoe, Toronto, Nurse Practitioner Student
Anjana Aery, Brampton, Research Coordinator
Amanda Abate, Resident Physician, Toronto
Tanya Hauek, Resident Physician, Toronto
Samah Alkhawashki, Toronto, Resident Physician
Rahaf Aisiri, Toronto, Resident Physician
Kenneth Fung, Toronto, Psychiatrist
Adrienne Bathe, Toronto, Resident Physician
Lucy Barker, Toronto, Resident Physician
Hissan Butt, Toronto, Medical Student
Arfea Malick, Toronto, Resident Physician
Catherine Oliver, Toronto, Physician
Hedy Muysson, Westport
Smadar Carmon, Potter, Toronto
Jimmy Chung, Scarborough, Sales Analytics
Janet Maher, Toronto, Retired
Agi Lukacs, Toronto, retired teacher
Cheryl Gaster, Human Rights Lawyer, Toronto
Daniela Graziano, Vaughan, Research/Medical Assistant
Michael Douglas Scott, Toronto, Resident Physician
Melini Gupta, Toronto, Family Medicine & Public Health Resident
Dr, Miriam Garfinkle, Toronto, Primary Care Physician, retired
Katie Dorman, Moose Factory, Family Physician
Julie Nadeau, Ottawa, Infant Hearing Screener & Medical Receptionist
Carmen Sadowa, Ottawa, Social Worker
Zuzana Betkova, Toronto, Registered Midwife
Emily Finnie, Toronto, Case Coordinator
Allison Branston, Hamilton, Masters of Public Health Student
Annette Bazira-Okafor, Maple, Doctoral student, Social Justice Education, OISE, U of T
Erin Balcom, Toronto, MD Candidate, 2019
Kamal Mattar, Toronto, Physician
Alisa Gayle, Toronto, Hospital Administrative Assistant/Medical Secretary
Anjum Sultana, Toronto, Masters of Public Health Student
Dr. Dwyer Suillivan, Kitchener, Retired High School Teacher of Social Justice
Parisa Rezaiefar, Ottawa, Family Physician
Sarah Giles, Ottawa, Physician
John Huot, Toronto, Retired Professor, Social Service Work
Reed Siemieniuk, Hamilton, Physician
Ritika Goel, Toronto, Family Physician
Abeer Majeed, Toronto, Primary Care
Joy Dawkins, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Jinghao Mary Yang, Toronto, Resident physician
Patrick Steadman, Toronto, MD-PhD Student, University of Toronto
Jessica Chan, Richmond Hill
Nashwa Khan, Mississauga, Addictions Counselling
Elakya Balachandran, Brampton, Medical Student
Naheed Dosani, Toronto, Palliative Care Physician
Navita Singh, Toronto, Masters of Public Health Graduate
Sabrina Azwim, Toronto, Master of Public Health Student
James Nugent, Toronto
Conchita Fonseca, Ottawa, Family Doctor
Laurie Tennian, Ottawa Liza Abraham, Toronto, Medical Student
Elizabeth Whitmore, Ottawa, Professor Emerita
Bahar Orang, Hamilton, Medical Student
Bushra Khan, Hamilton, MD Candidate
Nimerta Dhami, Toronto, Registered Midwife
Jennifer Hulme, Toronto, Emergency physician
Nisha, Toronto
Suhal Ahmed, Toronto, Research Assistant
Lynn Hamilton, Ottawa, Statistical Analyst
Clayton Dignard, Ottawa, Community Health Worker
Bernard Ho, Markham, Medical Student
Dwight Gordon, Toronto, Activist
Jennifer Pollock, Toronto, Refugee lawyer
Nadia Blasutti, Ottawa, Social Worker
Michele Hynes, Ottawa
Kathryn Gauthier, Ottawa, Family Doctor
Kaltuun Matan, Ottawa, Medical Receptionist
Karim Mekki, Ottawa, Student/Parent Support Worker, Pathways to Education
Faiza Bassiseau, Ottawa, Family Resource Facilitator
Marlie Gelineau, Ottawa, Youth Worker
Sahra Habbane, Ottawa, Community Health Work
Paula Blondeau, Ottawa, Senior Administrative Assistant
Karin Schildmann, Ottawa, Data Entry/Admin. Support Infant Hearing Program
Meagan, Ottawa, Social Worker
Dawn Lyons, Ottawa, Social Work
Ceilidh Purdy, Ottawa, Physician
Zuzana Betkova, Toronto, Registered Midwife
Emily Finnie, Toronto, Case Coordinator
Allison Branston, Hamilton, MPH Student
Annette Bazira-Okafor, Maple, Doctoral Student, Social Justice Education, OISE, U of T
Erin Balcom, Toronto, MD Candidate, 2019
Kamal Mattar, Toronto, Physician
Alisa Gayle, Toronto, Hospital Administrative Assistant/Medical Secretary
Anjum Sultana, Toronto, Masters of Public Health Student
Dr. Dwyer Suillivan, Kitchener, Ontario Retired High School Teacher of Social Justice
Parisa Rezaiefar, Ottawa, Family Physician
Sarah Giles, Ottawa, Physician
John Huot, Toronto, Retired Professor, Social Service Work
Reed Siemieniuk, Hamilton, Physician
Laura Connoy, Kitchener, Doctoral Student
Monika Dalmacio, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Jovana Milenkovic, Toronto, Medical Student
Roxanne Danielson, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Rim Alassad, Ottawa, Program Support Worker
Cheryl Eadie, Guelph, Social Worker
Paul Fluit, Ottawa, Family Physician
Louai Musa, Toronto, Family Medicine Resident
Steve Sayer, Toronto, VFX Artist
Yamna Ali, Vaughan, Research Affiliate
Sakinah Hasib, Richmond Hill, Recreation Therapist
Jing Bian, Toronto, Student
Ashley Raeside, Toronto, Medical Student at University of Toronto
Eddie Villarta, Ottawa, Information Technology
Brigitte Moreau, Ottawa, CSR LCBO
Jennier Rayner, London
Danielle Groulx, Kapuskasing
Farnese Adam, Etobicoke, Administrative Assistant
Scott Courtice, London, Executive Director, London InterCommunity Health Centre
Owen Gallupe, Toronto, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Legal Studies, University of Waterloo
Dr. Daniel O'Connor, Waterloo, Professor
Suzan Ilcan, Waterloo, Professor
John Faichney, Toronto, Student
Aisha, Brampton
Philip Jaurji, Toronto, Banking
Marcella Jones, Toronto, Medical Student
Leah Stephenson, Toronto, Health Policy Director
Susan Lee, Toronto
Sareda Quah-Vo, Ottawa, Student/Community Developer
Holly Howe, Toronto
Allie Piatkowski, Toronto, Graduate Student
Bria John, Toronto, Journalist
Alexandra Lamoureux, Toronto, Social Worker
Aishah, Toronto, Student
Iqra, Mississauga, Kinesiology Graduate Student
Timothy Chung, Toronto, Medical Student
Jo Connelly, Toronto, Clinical Lead Manager at the Inner City Family Health Team
Latif Murji, Toronto, Family Medicine Resident
Melanie Spence, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Hrishov Sarker, Toronto, Epidemiologist
Melissa Melnitzer, Toronto, Physician
Ather Mohammad, Milton, Engineer
Stephane Cardinal, Ottawa, Director
Diana Gallego, Toronto
Antu Hossain, Labrador City, Newfoundland & Labrador Public Health Student
Haben, Toronto, Health & Well Being Worker
Megan Schlorff, Hamilton, Medical Student
Anne-Marie Duval, Ottawa, Occupational Therapist
Flavia, Mississauga, Medical Student
Dina Padilla, Citrus Heights, Injured Worker and Patient Advocate for 30 years.
Justin Lam, Toronto, Medical Student
Lebei Pi, Toronto, MD Candidate 2017
Ruth Martin, Dutton, Retired nurse, ordained minister, CHC board director.
Will Caron, Kitchener, Resident Physician
Janis Dahl, Ottawa, Health Promoter
Shannon Speed, Belleville, Student
Jeff Hanks, London, RN
Kate Thomas, Toronto, Public Health Student
Lorraine J Fay, London, Violence against Women & Children Support Worker and Community Advocate
Julia Graham, Toronto, Health Promotion
Bev Leaver, Toronto, CHC Executive Director
Beth Jensen, Toronto, RN
Jaitra Sathyandran, Toronto, Masters in Public Health Graduate Student
Kelly Hugh, Ottawa, Registered Nurse
Natalie Mehra, Toronto, Public Health Care Advocate
Angela Robertson, Toronto, Health Services Administrator
Tim Maxwell, Toronto, Community Initiatives and Communications @KBCLS
Ann Fitzpatrick, Toronto, Community Work Social Worker
Gary Newhouse, Toronto, Lawyer
Ligia Varinia Ortiz, Toronto, Family Home Visitor
Neha Bhuptani, Toronto, Physician
Margaret Brockett, Waterloo, Volunteer with Refugee Health Centre. Retired Health Care Professional and Ethicist
Fatima Ibrahimi, Toronto, Executive Secretary-CFT
Rhiannon Thomas, Toronto, Health Promoter
Bernadette Lettner, Toronto, RN
Lori Sutton, Toronto,
Laura Morrison, Hamilton, Medical Student
Caroline Patterson, Hamilton, Medical Student
Alberto Lalli, Toronto, Community Legal Worker
Martha Paz, Toronto, Student
Humaira Saeed, Kingston, Resident Physician
Anupama Aery, Brampton, Student
Marie Claire Holland, Ottawa, Physiotherapist
Dirga Agoes, Toronto, Graphic Designer
Inna Gong, Toronto, Medical Student
Stefan Perera, Scarborough
Kristen Lloyd, Peterborough, Food Service
Christina Hawkins, Toronto, Social Worker
Aileen Leo, Ottawa
John McKinnon, Toronto, Community Legal Clinic Lawyer
David Newberry, Toronto, Community Legal Worker / Musician / Advocate
Elizabeth Guete, Toronto, Social Worker
Maria Cenizal, Toronto, Coordinator, Diabetes Education Program
Darryl Langendoen, Toronto, Social Work
Kathrin Furniss, Toronto, Community Legal Worker
Talia Ryan, Sudbury, Medical Student
Louis Fliss, Toronto, Chiropodist
Aidan Macdonald, Toronto, Community Legal Worker
Sabin Mukkath, Toronto, Researcher
Ava Goodman, Toronto, Concierge
Rahim Kabani, North York, Human Resources
Linda Loranger, New Liskeard, Human Resources Manager / Health and Safety
Joann Michels, Ottawa, Registered Nurse
Helen White, Ottawa, Mental Health Worker
Jeff Graham, Midland, Community Health Worker
Oleksandra Budna, Toronto, Communications
Aminata Mageraga, North York
Nicole Levesque, Moonbeam, Teacher, Chair of CHC Board and Member of AOHC Board
Rhonda Barron, St. Catharines, Health Promoter
Alexandre Vallee, Toronto, Management - Community Health Centre
Flavia Geno, Toronto, Program Coordinator
Ashley Raeside, Toronto, Medical Student at University of Toronto
Eddie Villarta, Ottawa, Information Technology
Sarah Levitt, Toronto, MD (Psychiatry Resident)
John Shellhorn, Windsor, ODSP Caseworker
Eleanor Batchelder, Toronto, Retired
Valentina Capurri, Toronto, Instructor
Lindsay Bryan, Welland, retired history professor
Mary Straus, Walton, Ontario, Retired Domestic Goddess
Abdel Latif Bassuny, Ottawa, Student
Howard Tessler, Toronto, Tenant School Organizer
Nathan Savelli, Hamilton, Youth Worker
Janet Edwards, Comox
Murray Lumley, Toronto, Retired Teacher
Arieg Badawi, Mississauga, Family Physician
Dawn Lyons, Ottawa, Community services
Gaurav Sharma, Toronto, Medical Student
William Payne, Toronto, Educator
John Bonnar, Toronto
Marwan Aziz, Mississauga
Caroline Harris-McDonald, Ottawa, Clinic Lawyer
Amanda Verschuere, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Jacquie Maund, Toronto, Policy Lead
Sylvia Chapman, Ottawa, Lawyer
Jasmin Earle, Toronto, Volunteer
Jessa Reitsma, Toronto, Literacy Instructor
Michael Raymond, French River, NP / Executive Director
Melinda Soares, Toronto, Registered Midwife
MoniqueNoel, Ottawa, RN
Yuliya Chayka, Toronto, RN
Margarita Schupp, Mississauga, Administrative Assistant
Jacques Chartrand, Ottawa, Ontario, Lawyer
Rachel Small, Toronto, Youth Worker at a CHC
Melissa Mok, Toronto, Nursing Student
Anne Lavallee, Ottawa
Sarah Chauvin, Toronto, Medical Student
Sonam, Toronto, Medical Student
George Botic, Schomberg, Retiree
Linda Lee, Richmond Hill
Rosetta Foti, Ottawa, Social Worker
Kelly Beckstead, Ottawa, Pinecrest-Queensway CHC
Kellie Denny, Ottawa, Clinical Services Coordinator, PQCHC
Nadia Bellio, Toronto, Registered Midwife
Atif Murtaza, Ottawa, family physician
Mathura Mahendren, Toronto, Intern, Global Health
Melissa D'Ambrosio, Toronto, Physiotherapist
Kathleen Murphy, Toronto, MPH Student
Josée Sovinsky, Toronto, Registered Dietitian
Jody Smith, Toronto, Nursing student
Lindsay Snow, Ottawa
Abdulkarim Ghaltaee, Ottawa, Retired
Kathy Bresett, Lambton Shores, Executive Director
Raisa Sharmin, Waterloo,
Sofia Ramirez, Toronto, Knowledge Translation
Julie Caron, Toronto, MD
Siqi Xue, Toronto, Medical Student
Cynthia Wright, Toronto
Dr Itamar E Tamari, Toronto, Family Physician
Maureen J. Orton, Toronto, Retired Social Work Professor/Researcher
Yan Chen, Toronto
Heba Shamsi, Brampton, Medical Student
Gretta Vosper, Scarborough, Clergy
Charles Yin, London, Medical Student
Heba Shamsi, Brampton, Medical Student
Lynn Ovenden, Casselman
Christine Gloade, Ottawa, Nurse Practitioner
Max Ducsharm, Toronto, Social Worker
Stephanie McCulligh, London, Team Lead Nursing, Diabetes and Administration
Colleen Elm, Cambridge, Nurse Practitioner
Fouzia, Toronto, Settlement worker
Halima Said, Gatineau
Michelle Marsellus, Toronto, Lawyer, Refugee Volunteer
Nadjla Banaei, Toronto, Client Care Coordinator
Catherine Kyeremanteng, Ottawa, Psychologist
Lois Stapleton, Toronto
Mary-Margaret Jones, Toronto, Policy and Communications
Anand Lakhani, Toronto, Medical Student
Fatima Mussa, Kitchener & Toronto, MPH Student
Sarah Buzek, Toronto, Community Registered Dietitian
Edmond Chiu, Toronto, Pharmacy Student
Natasha Bradshaw, Ottawa, Nurse Practitioner
Helene Bourgeois, Ottawa, Community Health Worker
Rohit Vijh, Toronto, Medical Student
Laura Muldoon, Ottawa, Family Physician
Jean-Bosco Ntakirutimana, Ottawa, Student
Lindsay Peters, Ottawa, Nurse Practitioner
Sideeka Narayan, Toronto, Nurse
Hilda Postenka, Thunder Bay, Retired Teacher
Maggie Hess, Toronto, Medical Student
Andy Summers, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Steve Easterbrook, Toronto, Professor
Larisa Cheshire, Ottawa, Health Promoter
Maria Friis, Ottawa
Amika Gupta, Toronto, Community Health Worker
Nasiba Mohamedali, Milton, Social Worker
Sylvie Hutton, Almonte, Executive Assistant
Jennifer Stipetic, Ottawa, RN
Susannah St. John, Ottawa, Dietitian
Alexandra Pinto, Toronto, Outreach Coordinator
Silvea Chowdhury, Toronto, Community Health Worker/Intake Worker
Jeannie Page, Ottawa, Human Resources Officer
Mary Fitzpatrick, Toronto, retired
Andrea Gartley, Ottawa, RN
Lauren O'Connor, Welland, Social Worker
Anne-Emanuelle Birn, Toronto, Professor of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
Danika Frappier, Ottawa, Councellor
Sara Farrell, Toronto
Sue Wilson, London, Director of Office for Systemic Justice
Danielle Labelle, Rockland, Early Years Support Worker
Lori Hanson, Saskatoon, Professor
Sean Tucker, Regina, Occupational Health and Safety Researcher
Anourath Phommachanh, Ottawa, Case Manager
John Pringle, Belleville, Nurse and Epidemiologist
Blake Poland, Toronto, university professor
Jean-Pierre Thibault, Ottawa, Engineer
Ruth Rodney, Toronto/Hamilton, Registered Nurse and PhD Candidate
Valerie Auger-Voyer, Ottawa, Violence against Women Counselor
Andrea A. Cortinois, Toronto, Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
Sandy McIntyre, Ottawa, Community Dietitian
Alexandra Blight, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Nisha Kansal, Thornhill, Medical Student
Kara Quennell, Toronto, Medical Student
Maged Metiad, Toronto, Medical Student
Tina Chu, Mississauga
Will Patterson, Toronto, Student
Venus Valbuena, Toronto, Medical Student
Bronwyn Underhill, Toronto,
Prof. Paul Hamel, Toronto, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Christopher Smith, Toronto, Medical Student
Jean Lash, Ottawa, Immigration lawyer
Benedict Darren, Kitchener, Medical Student
Mina Rajabi Paak, Toronto, Student
Rachelle Sender, Hamilton, Family Physician
Gaetane Blom, London Ontario, Registered Nurse
Mary Jane Patterson, Kitchener, Environmental non-profit manager
Martha Orellana, Toronto, Program Coordinator
Kelly Anne Cox, Toronto, Medical Student
Nancy Dykstra, Kitchener, Teacher
Ananya Ohri, Toronto, Arts Administtrator
Annette Wong, Toronto, Medical Student
Berkha Gupta, Toronto, Manager
Lucinda Qu, Toronto
Sherry Chopra, Toronto, Previously Worked with Women/Children Fleeing Gender-based Violence, Many with Insecure Immigration Status.
Rebecca Evans-Olders, Ottawa, Doctor
Ryan Giroux, Toronto, Medical Student
Anne Simmonds, Toronto, Faculty/RN
Thomas Dashwood, Toronto, Medical Student
Danielle Blyth, Waterloo, Stay-at-home Mom
Naomi Thulien, Toronto, Nurse Practitioner
Elise Jackson, Toronto, Medical student
Cathy Crowe, Toronto, RN, Distinguished Visiting Practitioner, Ryerson University
Linda Chan, Kingston
Ruth Chiu, Hamilton, Medical Student
Julia Olioff, Toronto, Medical Student
Jessica Leah, Toronto, Resident in Family Medicine
Thomas Man, Toronto, Family Physician
Krista Steinmann, Kitchener, Chiropodist
Nivetheka Sathyaseelan, Toronto, Student
Gaëlle Groux, Ottawa, Health Policy Researcher
Tanvir Khaira, Hamilton, Registered Nurse
Claire Kendall, Ottawa, Family Physician
Maddy Macnab, Peterborough, Graduate Student
Dr. Joyce Fung, Toronto, Family Physician
Ahmad, Toronto, Data Management
Lisa Bondar, Sault Ste. Marie, Public Health Nurse
Cedric Harben, Toronto, Retired Teacher
Sara Luomaranta, Sault Ste. Marie, Public Health Nurse
Christine Gebel, Toronto
Mike Antoniades, Toronto, Retired
Mei Wen, Toronto, Medical Student, University of Toronto
May Cohen, Toronto, Retired Physician
Melissa Baldwin, Peterborough, Graduate student
Ruth Pickering, Dundas, Retired Child Psychiatrist
Kathie Clark, Hamilton, Retired
Frances Newman, Toronto, Psychologist
Roberta Robb, Burlington
Ria Heynen, Ottawa, Retired
Geoffrey Leblond, Sudbury, Medical Student
Beverley Chafe, Ottawa, Retired ESL Teacher
Ceri and Viola Stephens, Tottenham, Retired Professors
Danielle Martin, Toronto, Family physician
Alison Charlebois, Toronto, Family Physician
Lukayo Estrella, Ottawa, Social Worker
Hugh Armstrong, Toronto, Professor Emeritus
Antonio Fonseca, Oakville, Retired
Kendra Smith, Brampton
Lucia Harrison, Kitchener
Cheryl Fraser, Toronto, Caregiver
Donald Kerr, Collingwood, Retired engineer
Katie Simonji, Hamilton, Nurse Practitioner
Nikolett Szabo, Mississauga/Toronto, Medical Interpreter/Translator
Randy Dryburgh, Mount Forest, Teacher
Loli Ayllon, Toronto, Medical Interpreter
Beverley Jackson, Toronto, Family Doctor
Isabel Pena, Burlington, Spanish Interpreter
Gordon Doctorow, Toronto, Retired
Dana Howse, Toronto, Doctoral Student in Public Health
Jean Hillis, Ingersollx, Retired
John Lowe, Brussels, RN
Frances Combs, Toronto, Clergy
Kwan Mei Ma, Toronto, Retired
Ann McGill, Toronto, RN
Katrina Poulsen, Ottawa, Student
Brydon Gombay, Toronto, Retired Community Psychologist
Sarah Davies, Toronto, Midwife
Tedeshia McBean-Maitland, Toronto, General Labourer
Laura Cramm, Ottawa, Student
Gary Bloch, Toronto, Physician
Blair W, Thornhill, Non-Profit
Angela Hwang, Toronto, Physician
Aiman Baig, Ottawa, Student
Dianne Scott, Toronto
Alainna Jamal, Toronto, MD-PhD Student
Julie Gourley, Ottawa, Sustainability Project Coordinator
Natalie Illanes Nogueira, Toronto, Tenant Support and Engagement Coordinator
Warner Sivakumar, Scarborough, Retired
Leelia Pekarsky, North York, Language Interpreter
Esther Klein, Ottawa, Retired
Dmitri Slivniak, Toronto, interpreter
Ida Hersi, Toronto, Public Health Professional
Oli Cosgrove, Ottawa, Retired
Tom Flemming, Hamilton, Retired
Sheila Morra, Mississauga, Retired teacher
Andrea Perry, Toronto, Occupational Therapist
Risa Adams, Guelph, Family Physician
Susy Lam, Toronto, Medical Student
Teresa Li, Scarborough
Jessica Potvin, Hamilton, Nurse Practitioner
Mary Potter, Ridgeville
Sarah Vinette, Toronto, Medical Student
Logan Broeckaert, Toronto, Health Promoter
Tanya, Toronto, Marketing Manager
Dr. Meaghan McLaren, Ottawa, Family Physician
Anne-Marie Tynan, Toronto, Research Manager
Gaie Haydon, London, Nurse
Michelle Catchpole, Toronto, Administrative Coordinator, Research
Cheryl Young, Toronto, Medical Student
John Adamich, Toronto, Medical Student
Tara Ní Máire, Toronto, Clinical Herbalist
Megan, Toronto, Medical student
Helen De Oliveira, Toronto, Language Services
Cybele Oliveira, Toronto, Court, Medical and Community Interpreter
Lois Bordowitz, Toronto, retired
Brian Hughsam, Scarborough, Dentist
Ranjith Kulatilake, Toronto, Ontario, Community Health Worker
Ciro, Toronto, Project Coordinator
Alvis Choi, Toronto, Graduate student
Saadia Sediqzadah, Toronto, Medical Resident
Edward Ellis, Ottawa, Public Health/Preventive Medicine Physician
Lily S. May, Toronto, Artist
Kaitlyn Mellor, Toronto, Medical Student
Hannah Milley, London, Medical Student, Western University
Ceinwen Pope, Ottawa, Medical Student
Tatiana Rother, Ottawa, Civil Servant
John S. Henderson, Brighton, Retired
Jaya Bastedo, Thunder Bay, Medical Student
Susan Muma, Dundas
Nicole Nitti, Toronto, Family Physician
Ivneet Garcha, Toronto, MPH graduate, Law Student
Craig Foye, Hamilton, Lawyer
Reshma Dhrodia, Toronto, Student Life, Outreach & Equity Advisor
Rick Glazier, Toronto, Family Physician
Kate Zen, Toronto, Web Developer, Teaching Artist
Kimberly Burke-Levy, Toronto, Program Facilitator
Lori Risch, Dundas, Health and Wellness Counsellor
Rebecca Lee, Toronto, Office Manager, Toronto-based CHC
Anthony Linton, Ph.D., RN, Toronto, Primary Health Care Nurse Clinician
Martyna Janjua, Mississauga, PhD Candidate (Public Health Sciences - Social Health Science Research)
Aja Fernandes, Toronto
Jonathan Fuller, Toronto, Medical Student
Anny Chien, Toronto, Marketing Coordinator
Byron Song, London, Medical Student
Larry Hughsam, Toronto, Finance
Aaron Gross, London, Medical Student
Yara Abou-Hamde, London, Medical Student
Joy Dawkins, Toronto
Donald Kennedy, Angus, Clerk
Ananthavalli Kumarappah, Toronto, Medical Student
Rev. Dr. Peter Kuhnert, Kitchener, Family Physician and Lutheran Pastor
Jonathan Reid, London, Medical Student
Kevin Skerrett, Ottawa, Researcher
Mary-Louise Blair, Nepean, Family Physician
Dr. Tom Cho, Toronto, Writer
Yris Diaz, Toronto
Sharon A. Nickle, Toronto, Retired Nurse
Janice Arandelovic, London,
Stephanie Rogers, London, Medical Student
Zubaida S. Zang, Toronto, Entreprenuer
Ann Spiers, Ottawa, CSS Service Coordinator
Karina, Toronto, Student
Sarah Silverberg, Toronto, Medical Student
Martha Ireland, Toronto, Retired
Paul Clifford, Toronto, Retired Union President, UH Local 75
Victoria Shaw, Parry Sound, Medical Student
Pamela Mitchell, Toronto, Retired
Barbara Neilson, Toronto, Paediatric Social Worker
Ernest Chan, London, Medical Student
Sameer Kushwaha, Toronto, Medical Student
Nora Balogh, Ottawa, Manager, Informatics
Tanya Ricci, Toronto, Research Coordinator, Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael's Hospital
Bao Ly, Toronto, HIV Education and Prevention Coordinator
Theresa Nagle, Hamilton, Justice, Peace & Integrity Office, Waterdown, ON
Lynn Hopkins, Peterborough, Retired Teacher/Community Volunteer
Matthew Lee, Toronto, Clinical Clerk
Katharine Ham, Kingston, Retired Registered Nurse
Allan Thornley, Ottawa, Retired
Lynne Browne, Toronto, Retired
Cristina Balaita, Toronto, Medical Student
Kaylen Fredrickson, Toronto
Wesley Tourangeau, Kitchener, Doctoral Student
Michelle Westin, Toronto, Senior Analyst
Ria Heynen, Ottawa, Retired Nurse and Teacher
Monika Goodluck, Toronto
Lili-Anne Kondo, Ottawa, Intake settlement worker
Stewart, Toronto, Housekeeping
Kelly Lui, Toronto, Student
Maryama Ahmed, Toronto, Community Facilitator
Errol Young, Toronto, Photographer
Gabrielle Blair, Toronto, Retired Teacher
Nicola Alexis-Brooks, Toronto
Marry Jean Cappal, Ottawa, Was a Caregiver
Winta Desta, Toronto, Student
Marg Simmons, Keswick
Vivienne Walz, Vankleek Hill, Student
Martha Ruben, Ottawa
Lisa Bell, Mississauga, Home Care Provider
Thiviya Selvanathan, Toronto, Resident Physician
Dan Abrams, Toronto, Medical Student
Ellen Snyder, Ottawa, Resident (Family Medicine)
Brian Konik, Toronto, Health Care Social Worker & Private Practice Therapist
Datejie Cheko Green, Hamilton, Professor
Maria Gesmundo, Niagara Falls, Advisor
Charissa Feres, Ottawa, Student
Joel Pidutti, Toronto, Medical Student
Scott Brimble, Hamilton, Physician
Shannon Collins, Toronto, Clinical Social Worker
Albert Dupuis, Ottawa, Supply Attendant
Lisa Mitchell, Ottawa, Registered Nurse, Centretown Community Health Centre
Kristina Blundon, Ottawa, Volunteer Program Coordination, CHC
Ander Negrazis, Toronto, Psychotherapist, Director of Artists Without Barriers, Programme Coordinator of the Mature Trans Sisters
Daccia Bloomfield, Toronto, Counselor
Rob Kleysen, Toronto, Volunteer Counsellor
Dinah Thorpe, Toronto, Artist
Jordan Pachciarz, Toronto, Community Legal Worker
Alex McDonald, Ottawa
Andrew Koch, Toronto, Health Planner
Jaclyn Piudik, Toronto, Professor
Meryl Borato, Toronto, Educator
Eileen, Toronto, Program Worker
Judith Bishop, Hamilton, Community Worker
Priya Khanmaini, Mississauga, HR Resource Coordinator
Tajon Maria Christina, Toronto, In-home Caregiver
Anish Naidu, London, Medical Student
J Wallace Skelton, Toronto, Educator
Pearl Buhariwala, Toronto, MPH Student
Rachael Cardiello, Toronto, Musician/Music Teacher
Betty Neelin, Ottawa,Retired
Brian Hutchison, Campbellville, Family Physician (retired)
Athina Basiliadis, Ottawa, Educator
Natasha Beaudin, Ottawa, Health Promoter
Jen Goldberg, Toronto, Midwife
Blair Voyvodic MD, Killaloe, Medical doctor
Fiona McMurran, Welland, activist
Tenzin Tekan, Toronto,
Andrea Bobadilla, Toronto, PhD candidate, Western University
Anna Hack, Ottawa, Physician
Wais Darwish, Ottawa, Medical Student
Magali Meagher, Toronto, Camp Director
Elena Basile, Toronto, Post-secondary teacher
Katie Ratcliffe, Kingston, Social Worker
Belle Song, Kingston, Family Medicine Resident
Sarah Kanji, Toronto, Medical Student
Nada Ashkar, Toronto, Registered Acupuncturist
Doug Draper, Thorold, Freelance journalist, publisher, Niagara At Large
Nicolas Pjontek, Ottawa,
Jessie Peng, Toronto/Mississauga, Medical Student
Alison Ashamalla, Toronto, Family Physician
Gordon, Richmond Hill, Research Student
Peter Ykelenstam, Toronto, Library Services
Laura Erdman, Toronto, Resident Physician, Pediatrics
Margaret Smith, Carleton Place, Retired
Albert Smith, Carleton Place, Retired
Rachel Goerz, NOTL, Lawyer
Sherry Raeside, Windsor, Retiree
Anne Harris, Toronto, Epidemiologist
Doug Mason, Havelock
Shona E. Bridge, Toronto, Utilization Analyst
Michelle Maynard, Ottawa, Lung Health Coordinator
Rajeev Goel, Vaughan, Financial Advisor
Maurana, Kitchener, Medical Student
Anu Radha Verma, Mississauga,
Renee Dumaresque, Toronto, Social worker
Evan Batten, Toronto, Medical Student
Patricia Marks, Toronto, Medical Student
Chuanyi Nie, Whitby, Physician
Rick Turner, Kamloops, Retired
Heather Freeman, Ottawa, Engineer
Michelle, Oakville, Biologist
Josef, Mississauga, Retired
Teresa MacMillan, Ottawa,
Marnie Jakab, Guelph, Medical Student / Research
Rosalind Gunn, Toronto
Yara, London, RN
Charie Siddayao, Toronto
N.A., Fraser, Ontario,
Faduma Yusuf, Ottawa, Community Health Worker
Deena Ladd, Toronto
Aila Comilang, Toronto, Technical Producer
Daniella Moss, Toronto, Diabetes Nurse Educator
Tim Button, Hamilton, Injured Worker Past Security Guard
Suzanne Zerger, Toronto, Researcher/Evaluator
Virginia Wilson, Toronto, Social Service Worker
Samuel Loeb, Toronto,
Virginia Brown, Toronto, Medical Student
Phyllis Ung, Toronto, Student
Janet Vuong, Toronto, Manager
Rabea, Toronto, Medical student
Adriano Mollica, Toronto, Medical Student
Ying Yin Chen, Toronto, Community Manager
Vanessa Pike, Toronto, Registered Dietitian
Pinky Paglingayen, Toronto, Settlement Counselor
Khalid Janmohamed, Toronto, Lawyer (health-related)
Tetyana Pekar, Toronto
Samantha Green, Toronto, Family Physician
Maria Aquino, Toronto, RN
Astra Cenona Desembrana, Toronto, Personal Support Worker
Sarah Zhang, Toronto, Student
Lisa Thacker, Toronto, Student Midwife
Andre Been, Mississauga, Student Forklift Operator
Gayle McFadden, Toronto, Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario, National Executive Representative
Benjamin Fung, Toronto, Medical Student
Fathima Cader, Toronto, Lawyer
Steph Vasko, Toronto, Communications Manager
Purita Relleta, Toronto, Personal Support Worker
Neil Dilworth, Toronto,
JT, ottawa
Kenneth Lam, Toronto, Medicine Resident
Dina Fergani, Toronto, Graduate Student
Raina Gao, St. Catharines, Public Servant
Grant Dunbar, Mississauga, Clerk - Transportation Federal
Natalia, Waterloo, Optometry Student
Patricia D'Heureux, Toronto
Lesley Woo, Toronto, Sociologist
Jessica Weber, Ottawa, Criminologist
Franceska Lamontagne, Ottawa, Criminologue
Jessica Grys, Toronto, Law Student
Rez, Toronto, Consultant
Ahmed Al-Hertani, Ottawa, Medical Radiation Technologist
Anne Egger, Toronto, Nurse Practitioner
Andrea Keddy, Toronto, Intake Worker
Arber Gashi, London, Accountant
Sumedh Soni, Kitchener, Software Consultant
Luantianjiao Ji, St. Catharines, Student
Tricia Mohan, Toronto, Medical Student
Diana Yoon, Kingston, Student
Leah Kelley, Kingston, Student
Dor, Toronto, Youth Worker
Sarah Grzincic, Toronto, Employment Worker
Zelda Hippolyte, Kingston, Clinical Social Worker (private practice)
Mindy Gordon, Toronto
Neeti Sasi, Toronto, Social Worker
Ammar Ali, Vaughan
Maira Ali, Vaughan, Education Facilitator
Ameen Ali, Vaughan
Vikas, Ottawa, Software Developer
Lara Bober, Ottawa
Josh Murray, Toronto, Statistician
Sheila Krekorian, St. Catharines, RN BScN
Alex Lee, Toronto,
Kristen O'Brien, Toronto, Statistician/Researcher
Laura McCuaig, Waterloo, medical student
Rebecca Edrado, Sarnia, ON, Customer service - Call centre
Jeanne Lisondra, Toronto, Personal Support Worker
Patrick, Peterborough, Part-time Custodian
Elias, Ottawa, Lab Technician
Amanda Gomm, Ottawa, Volunteer Organizer
Yolanda Jones, Ottawa, Community Developer
Patricia Bowman, Ottawa,
Diane Borger, Sarnia, Customer Service
Kimberly Des Brisay, Wallaceburg, Customer Service
Jennifer DesBrisay, Sarnia
Anna Leonova, Peterborough, Student
Mostafa Moussa, Windsor, Student
Shanika Johnson, Toronto
Jeff Reinhart, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Jonathan Boyne, Salt Spring Is, Mental Health Counselor
Jessie Davidson, Greely, Retired
Jessica, Sarnia, Insurance
Jennifer Bramhill, Sarnia
Ammar Syed, Guelph, Engineering Intern
Marion Brunton, Burlington,
Mairy Beam, Caledon, retired
Samantha, Mississauga, Summer Support Worker
Christina Wettstone, Whitby, Registered Nurse
Alissa Tedesco, Toronto, Family Medicine Resident
Sehr, Toronto, Research Coordinator/ Health Promoter
Mary-Ann Schwering, Ottawa, Co-op Housing Sector
Dr. Tony Barozzino, Toronto, Pediatrician
Alaine, Hamilton
Charlotte Lombardo, Toronto, Program Director, MPH in Health Promotion, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
Maria Calvachi, Toronto, Health Promotion Team Lead
Lorraine Barnaby, Toronto, Health Promoter
Simon Thebault, Ottawa, Resident
David Friddell, Waterloo, Systems Administrator
Ivana Sekularac, Peterborough, Student
Sylvia Mulowayi, Peterborough, Student
Kha-Tieu Chau, Toronto, Medical Interpreter
Jessica Ponting, Toronto, Community Legal Worker
Angela Willmott, Kitchener, Graduate Student
Kriti Kumar, London, Medical Student
Angela Willmott, Kitchener, Graduate student
Jessica Ponting, Toronto, Community Legal Worker
Kha-Tieu Chau, Toronto, Medical Interpreter
Sylvia Mulowayi, Peterborough, Student
Ivana Sekularac, Peterborough, Student
David Friddell, Waterloo, Systems Administrator
Shaista, Toronto
Ilana Birnbaum, Toronto, Medical Student
Kat Butler, Hamilton, Medical Student
Nayantara Ghosh, Toronto, Medical Student
Sean McIntosh, Lasalle, Medical Student
Sara Alavian, Hamilton, Student
Megan Schlorff, Hamilton, Medical Student
Yuanyue Geng, Ottawa, Social Worker
Rebekah Baumann, Kitchener, Medical Student
Alix Stott, Ottawa, Social Worker
Stephanie Napoleone, Hamilton, Social Worker, Medical Student
Georgia Chappell, Kitchener, Medical Student
Yen Foong, Hamilton, RN & current medical student
Priya Gupta, Hamilton, Medical Student
Alyse Krantz, Dundas
Rachel Taylor, Hamilton, Medical Student
Kaylee Clark, Hamilton, Medical student
Adam Agate, Hamilton, Medical Student
Liam Crummey, Hamilton, Medical Student
Michael Nguyen, Hamilton, Medical Student
Kelley Humphries, Hamilton, Medical student
Christopher Smith, Toronto, Medical Student
Rebecca Edrado, Sarnia, CSR
Breanne Cosgrove, London, ON, Student
Jean Warren, Toronto, retired
Chi Opia-Evans, Maple, Counsellor
Jo-Ann Osei-Twum, Toronto, MPH Student
Kelsie Todd, Peterborough, Nursing Student
Rajean Hoilett, Ajax
Thrmiga Sathiyamoorthy, Toronto
Sonia, Toronto, Receptionist
Triti Khorasheh, Toronto, Masters of Public Health Student
Adrina Zhong, Toronto, Public Health student
Souzan Mirza, Toronto, Biomedical Engineer
Nicolas Torres Brauer, London, International PhD Student
Elizabeth Hilborn, Toronto, Bookseller
Elmira Rezanavaz, London, PhD Student
Bailey Russell, Toronto
Anna Shkaburina, Niagara Falls
Nikki Diamond-Christudas, Ottawa,
Jordana Rovet, Toronto, Social Worker
Bill Yang, Toronto, Entrepeneur
Lori Taylor, Goderich, Transitional Services
Marc Valade, Toronto, Doctoral student in immigration policies
Laura Guerrero, Brampton, Health Promotion and Education Manager
Ted Robinson, Toronto, Physician
Sharon Desserud, London, Physiotherapist
Valeria, Niagara Falls, Student
Melissa Singer, Toronto, Family physician
Alison Baker, Brantford, MD
Maryth Yachnin, Toronto, Law
Aatif Qureshi, Toronto, Medical student
Shirin Zahra, Toronto, Student
Jonathan Boyne, Salt Spring, Mental Health Counselor
Lalit Kumar, Brampton
Tal Milman, Toronto, Medical Student
Jean Dunning, Lanark, Retired Professor
Teresa Ziegler, Toronto, Medical Student
Orly Bogler, Toronto, Medical Student
Casey Rosen, Toronto, Medical Student
Kevin Si, Toronto, Medical Student
Kathy Do, Toronto, Medical Student
Ben Li, Toronto, Medical Student
Rosalinda Chen, Toronto, Medical Student
Sivakami Mylvaganam, Toronto, Medical Student
Alexia Olaizola, Hamilton, Student
Alisa Brandon, Toronto, Medical Student
Julia Woo, Mississauga, Medical Student
Kimberley Lam Tin Cheung, Mississauga, Medical Student
Amira Balbaa, Mississauga, Medical Student
Kaiwen Song, Mississauga, Medical Student
Muhtashim Miam, Toronto, Medical Student
Brigida Bruno, Toronto, Medical Student
Amber Cintosun, Toronto, Medical Student
Melissa Allwood, Toronto, Medical Student
Josh Fletcher, Toronto, Medical Student
Cathy Li, Toronto, Medical Student
Harpreet Chahal, Toronto, Medical Student
Alexandra Kilian, Toronto, Medical Student
Sharef Danho, Mississauga, Medical Student
Monica Williamson, Mississauga, Medical Student
Joel Gamble, Mississauga, Medical Student
Min Kim, Mississauga, Medical Student
Stephen Soncin, Mississauga, Medical Student
Meagan Thang, Mississauga, Medical Student
Hayeong Rho, Mississauga, Medical Student
Adrien Chen, Mississauga, Medical Student
Aggie Gao, Mississauga, Medical Student
Jethro Kwong, Mississauga, Medical Student
Erica Shenfeld, Mississauga, Medical Student
Magdalene Au, Mississauga, Medical Student
Jasmine Waslowski, Mississauga, Medical Student
Olena Bolonna, Mississauga, Medical Student
Kizanee Jegatheeswaran, Mississauga, Medical Student
Rachel McDonald, Mississauga, Medical Student
Caitlin Armer, Mississauga, Medical Student
Stephanie Nevison, Mississauga, Medical Student
Alex Landry, Mississauga, Medical Student
Sophie Glanz, Mississauga, Medical Student
Sanasi Jayawardena, Mississauga, Medical Student
Anuja Bhalera, Mississauga, Medical Student
Marisa de Souza, Mississauga, Medical Student
Adam Monod, Mississauga, Medical Student
Daniel Pau, Mississaug, Medical Student
Justin Boyle, Toronto, Medical Student
Yezarni Wynn, Toronto, Medical Student
Brittany Chow, Toronto, Medical Student
Alexander Gasser, Toronto, Medical Student
Min Joon Lee, Toronto, Medical Student
Alexandra Silberberg, Toronto, Medical Student
Claire Stanley, Toronto, Medical Student
Michael Elfassy, Toronto, Medical Student
Arianne Cohen, Toronto, Medical Student
Allison Green, Toronto, Medical Student
Justine Philteos, Toronto, Medical Student
Eva Bain, Toronto, Medical Student
Brooke Fraser, Toronto, Medical Student
Anthony M. Guilano, Toronto, Medical Student
Patty Hoyeck, Toronto, Medical Student
Jacob Pelling, Toronto, Medical Student
Fatemah Habib, Toronto, Medical Student in Ontario
Sean Leung, Hamilton, Health Sciences Student
Maureen Dillon, Burlington ON, Program Assistant, Newcomer Settlement Programs
Steven Alchi, Burlington,
Yash Diwan, Brampton, Student
Zina Wu, Hamilton, Student
Mei Wen, Toronto, Medical Student
Julia Pasquale, Toronto, Medical Student
Corey Sermer, Toronto, Medical Student
Ilana Clark, Toronto, Medical Student
Matt Dozois, Toronto, Medical Student
Adam Shehata, Toronto, Medical Student
Sachin Doshi, Toronto, Medical Student
Talal Abdali, Toronto, Medical Student
Sooyoun Shin, Toronto, Medical Student
Teresa (Sohee) Park, Toronto, Medical Student
Patrick Frost, Toronto, Medical Student
Michelle Luk, Toronto, Medical Student
Michelle Anderson, Toronto, Medical Student
Kira Feldman, Toronto, Medical Student
Madelaine Bell, Toronto, Medical Student
Sandra Fiset, Toronto, Medical Student
Kaitlin Siou, Toronto, Medical Student
Victoria Reedman, Toronto, Medical Student
Anisha Dhalla, Toronto, Medical Student
Mei-Ni Belzile, Toronto, Medical Student
Danielle Jeong, Toronto, Medical Student
Imaan Javeed, Toronto, Medical Student
Salwa Hasan, Toronto, Medical Student
Jessica Bourgeois, Orleans, Poverty stricken Canadian pensioner (nuclear physics and chemistry retired)
Amanda Baillargeon, Toronto, Medical Student
Daphne Cheung, Toronto, Student
Jacob Bailey, Hamilton, Health Sciences Student
Vinay Jayachandiran, Hamilton, Medical Student
Kalyani Sabanayagam, Hamilton, Medical Student
Karishma Manji, Hamilton, Medical Student
Kathryn Binnersley, Hamilton, Medical Student
Nicole Buchanan, Hamilton, Medical Student
Anmol Gupta, Mississauga, Medical Student
Terri Bedminster, Hamilton, Director
Lynn Gierszewski, Toronto, Medical student
Alexander Sapa, Toronto, Medical Student
Ryan Giroux, Toronto, Medical Student
Nick-Hugh Wisdom, Hamilton, Medical Student
Ali Fawaz, Hamilton, Medical Student
Emily Arndt, Hamilton, Medical Student
Emma Dudley, Hamilton, Medical Student
Lauren Hophing, Hamilton, Medical Student
Ada Gu, Hamilton, Medical Student
Yasmin Jajarmi, Hamilton, Medical Student
Shreyash Dalmia, Hamilton, Medical Student
Kristeen Eshack, Hamilton, Medical Student
Bailey Paterson, Hamilton, Medical Student
Laura Woo, Hamilton, Medical Student
Megan Collie, Hamilton, Medical Student, Year 2
Kathryn Chan, Hamilton, Medical Student
Evan Wilson, Hamilton, Medical Student
Xander Freibauer, Hamilton, Medical Student Year 2
Michael Nixon, Hamilton, Medical Student, Yr 2
Chloe Haldane, Hamilton, Medical Student, Yr 2
Tanveer Singh, Hamilton, Medical Student, Yr 2
Sophie Kloppenburg, Hamilton, Medical Student, Yr 2
Savannah Silva, Hamilton, Medical Student
Gayathri Naganathan, Hamilton, MD Student, Year 2
Rob Holden, Hamilton, MD Student, Year 2
Natalie Sorfazlian, Hamilton, MD Student, Year 2
Megan Puckering, Hamilton, Medical Student
Zainab Mohamed, Hamilton, Medical Student
Thomas McGill, Hamilton, Medical Student
Ahmed Al-Shafayeen, Hamilton, Medical Student
Christine Li, Hamilton, Student
Belle Cao, Hamilton, Student
Hrishikesh Suresh, Hamilton, Student
Judy Truong, Toronto, Medical Student
Chad Singh, Hamilton, Medical Student
Christopher Lui, Hamilton, Medical Student
Sunny Sun, Hamilton, Medical Student
Roopa Suppiah, Hamilton, Medical Student
Emily Fejtek, Hamilton, Medical Student
Kaylee Clark, Hamilton, Medical Student
Aixin Liu, Hamilton, Medical Student (cc2)
Xixi Gong, Hamilton, Medical Student (cc2)
Nathan Flores Miranda, Hamilton, Medical Student, Year 2
Angela Hu, Hamilton, Medical Student
Sean Haber, Hamilton, Medical Student
Matthew Chan, Hamilton, Medical Student
Beerpal Plaha, Hamilton, Medical Student
David R. Anderson, Hamilton, Medical Student
Gavin Boisjoli, Hamilton, Medical Student
Hark Randhawa, Hamilton, Medical Student
Ria Oommen, Hamilton, Medical Student
Mike Hao, Hamilton, Medical Student
Jada Fitzpatrick, Hamilton, Medical Student
Emma Herrington, Hamilton, Medical Student
Lindsay Sheinfield, Hamilton, Medical Student
Stephanie Kuntz, Hamilton, Medical Student
Bailey Russell, Toronto, Medical Student
Lori Butler, Kitchener, Psychotherapist
Benjamin Fung, Toronto, Medical Student
Rosalinda Chen, Toronto, medical student, University of Toronto
Justin Huang, North York, Medical Student
Claire Rollans, Toronto, Medical Student
Jenny Hoang, Toronto, Medical Student
Asma Maqsood, Mississauga, Student at McMaster University
Gaibrie Stephen, St.Catharines, Medical Student
Sabrina Lin, Hamilton, Student
Abeera Shahid, Brampton, Student
Tahmina Shamsheri, Hamilton, Student
Abdullah Haroon, Oakville, Health Science Student
Inna Berditchevskaia, Toronto, Medical Student
Matt Hughsam, Toronto, Global Health Instructor
Vanessa Rojas, Toronto, Medical student
Mitchell MacDougall, Toronto, Medical Student
Helen Genis, Toronto, Medical Student
Mariam Naguib, Toronto, Medical Student
Ting Cai, Toronto, Medical Student
Kristen McFadyen, Toronto, Medical Student
Ilana Clark, Toronto, Medical Student
Andrea Ziesmann, Oakville, Student
Marie Rioux, London,
Kathy Dean, Waterloo, Registered Nurse
Lucas Zielke, London, Student
Alexandra Muresan, Kitchener, Ontario, Registered Nurse
Mandi Cowan, Kitchener, Social Worker
Cheryl Swallo, Belleville, Community Resource Worker
Shannon Mulligan, Ottawa, Caseworker
Margaret Darwin, Toronto,
Kimberley, Ottawa, Program Coordinator
Jessica Langevin, Hamilton, Public Health student
Mohammad Alhaj, Toronto, Medical
Clare Hacksel, Toronto, Clinical Director
Christina Aye, Ottawa,
Sabeena Santhirakumaran, Woodbridge, Nursing Student
Melissa Keigher, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Halima Hatimy, Hamilton, Public Health student
Ghayah, Hamilton, McMaster Family Medicine (MPH student and administrative assistant)
Rey Omar Mina, Hamilton, Nursing Student
Raquel Burgess, Hamilton, Graduate student in Global Health, McMaster University
Carolle Domen, Hamilton, Physician Assistant Student
Jelena, Oakville, MSc Global Health
Kendra Parkinson, Hamilton, Public Health Student
Leanne Wood-Smith, Toronto, Student
Irina Pavlik, Mississauga, Nurse Practitioner - Primary Health Care
Ryan Cross, Hamilton, Medical Student
Gennie Mae Sabeniano, Toronto, Nurse
Brittany Schneider, Toronto, Worker
Alisa Dayaram, Toronto, Art Student
Alex Marciano, Toronto, Student
Leah Godin, Toronto, Public Servant
Richard Stevens, Toronto, Public Servant
Jamie Tillotson, Hamilton, Accountant
Donna Tillotson, Hamilton, Ed. Assistant
Neba Aleni, Toronto, Security Consultant
Amanda Guitard, Toronto, Office Assistant
Kate Whittington, Toronto, Events Coordinator
Heather Shearim, Toronto, Exec Assistant
Biren Shah, Toronto, Accountant
Marilou C. Cabajar, Toronto, Caregiver
Gabby Lee, Toronto, Student
Hamayon Rartgav, Toronto, Student
Zahra Nader, Toronto, Student
Sofia Ali, Toronto, Student
Brahmin Aouina, Toronto, Student
Milan Gokkale, Toronto, Software Engineer
Ritesh Patel, Brampton, Accountant
Vaishali Patel, Brampton, Accountant
Colleen Wansbrough, Brampton, Student
Vanessa Gray, Sarnia, Nurse
Anna Merris, Whitby, Stay at home mom
Linda Doran, Toronto, Project Manager
Chris Yuccale, Toronto,
L. Gage, ,
Deepak, North York, Student
Kinderjeet Kaur, North York, Student
Amarpal Singh, North York, Student
Kyle J. P., Toronto, Student
Anurag, Toronto, Service
Julia Suttor, Barrie , Student
Jake Suttor, Barrie, Student
Mike Boychuk, Toronto, Student
Nicole Vescio, Oakville, Student
Matthew Vermander, Oakville, Student
Chris Williams, Toronto,
Amis Bennet, Toronto,
Bev Lawrence, Toronto, Project Coordinator
Ira Sethi, Toronto, Program Assistant
Katherine Davis, Brampton, Summer student
Samantha Deboer, Toronto, Summer Student
Stephen Donahue, Toronto, Labourer
Kelsey Franklin, Toronto, Sumer Student
Veronica Olmedo, Toronto, Job Coach
Jane Kahurg, Toronto, Student
Wanjire Muirui, Toronto, Student
Valentine, Toronto, Student
Lateef Salam, Toronto, Student
Nora Boateng, Toronto, Student
Aisha Samson, Toronto, Student
Senait Berihun, Toronto, Student
Helen Armstrong, Toronto, Educator
Vicki McKenna, Belmont, RN
Doug Anderson, Hamilton, Manager
L. Walter, Toronto, OP Office
Ellie Dales, Stirling, Student
Jackie Dales, Stirling, RN
A. Bonil, Toronto, Communications Officer
A. Lee, Toronto, Student
Astra Desembrana, Toronto, Caregiver
Melissa De Lemos, Toronto, PSW
Seung Heum, Seoul, Student
Ville Gandoza, North York,
Micheal Stevenson, North York, Self-employed
Kurt Biray, Toronto, Toronto Hydro
Kelly Whelan, Toronto, Toronto Hydro
Olivia Lam, Toronto, Student
Meghan MacDavid, Toronto, Student
Asal Anvarova, Toronto, Student
Eden McGuire, Toronto, Student
Hangyue Cheng, St. Catharines, Student
Yan Ma, Toronto, Senior Analyst
Kyle Kerr, Toronto,
Lola Soji, Toronto, Student
ChrissyLynn Trudel, Toronto, Student
Histar Athas, Toronto,
Richard Gomez, Toronto, Student
David Cutler, Toronto, Artist
Selena Goulding, Toronto, Artist
Anthony Pachero, Toronto, Student
Beza Wondifraw, Toronto, Worker
Salina Asfana, Toronto, Student
Semret Asfana, Toronto, Worker
Gayle McFadden, Toronto, Student
Mackenzie Dunn, Toronto, Finance
Sarah Fisher, Toronto, Finance
Ronny Yang, Toronto, Retail
Jordan Lau, Markham, Student
Vivian Ta, Markham, Student
Nadie Rana, TOronto, Teller
Ronny Yang, Toronto, Retail
Jordan Lau, Markham, Student
Vivian Ta, Markham, Student
Do Seauthra, Toronto, Retail
Nadie Rana, Toronto, Teller
Jennifer D'Andrade, Toronto, Nurse
Elizabeth Rea, Toronto, Physician
Susithra Wangarame, Toronto, Researcher
Tracey Mann, Toronto, Social worker/researcher
Susan Shin, Toronto, Social worker
Carmen Morris, Toronto, Social worker
Amina Khotu, Toronto, Admin assistant
Lisa Howard, Mississauga, MH&A; Board Director
Allana Sullivan, Toronto, RN
Lara Iserman, Toronto, Community support worker
Niamat Bhinder, Toronto, Community support worker
Jhona Binos, Toronto, Student
Celine Dyche, Toronto, Student
Diana Dizon, Toronto, medical secretary
Nicole Classen, Toronto, Social worker
Marilyn Vandermeer, Toronto, receptionist
Aimee Wilson, Toronto, Social worker
June Cheng, Toronto, Family Physician
Paluindu Kahlou, Bramption, settlement counsellor
Joanne Lindsay, Toronto, Community researcher
Sehr Athar, Toronto, Health promotion
Aseef Sarang, Toronto, Executive Director
Marcus Zacharia, Ottawa, Language Interpreter
Peter Jakubowicz, Seeley's Bay, University Professor
Alexandre Ezra, Toronto, Prehospital Emergency Care (PMD)
Tresah Antaya, St. Thomas, MPH Student
Sherald Sanchez, Hamilton, Graduate Student
Yinka Macauay, Toronto, LHIN Consultant
Trevor van Ingen, Toronto, Epidemiologist, Public Health Ontario
Laura LaBelle, Toronto, University of Toronto Undergraduate Student
Sandra D'Souza, Toronto, MPH Student
Madeliene Bondy, Toronto, MPH Student
Neha Saini, Mississauga, MSc Global Health Student
Sahar Jafrani, Toronto, Student
Sahar Fanian, Toronto, MPH
Stefanie Stuart, Mississauga, Health Promoter
Megan Saunders, Toronto, Physician
Lauren Cook-Chaimowitz, MD, Toronto, Resident physician
Warda Iqbal, Markham, Physician
Aamer Esmail, Toronto, Newcomer Services Coordinator
Aamer Esmail, Toronto, Newcomer Services Coordinator
Priyadarshani Raju, Toronto, Physician
Sebrina Natalizio, Toronto,
Renee Sylvain, Guelph, Professor
Jadie Schettino, Toronto, Intake Worker
Farnese Adam, Etobicoke, Administrative Assistant
Dale Guenter, Hamilton, MD
Pouyan Chamanian, Hamilton, Student
Hanieh Ranimi, Hamilton, Student
Barry M. Fellinger, St. Thomas, Community Health Services Manager
Emily Mooney, Toronto, Research assistant
Andalib Haque, Toronto, family doctor
Mayuka Chen, Toronto, Psychotherapist
Cassandra Harris, London,
Akashi Kushida, Toronto, Translator
Emily Rashotte, Flinton,
Jennifer Chung Lim, Toronto, Physiotherapist
John Elliott, Toronto, Executive Director of a CHC
Ali Hoang, Guelph ON, Administrative Assistant
Akiko Okamoto, Toronto, Social Worker
Sarah, Guelph, Community Development Coordinator
Olivia Kijewski, health/social services, Health Guide
Lori Hasulo, Guelph, Physician
Heather MacKenzie, Guelph, Medical Administrator
Sherri Cox, Guelph, homemaker
Sherri Cox, Guelph, homemaker
Ashling Ligate, Guelph, Nurse
Gideon Quaison, Ajax, Health Quality Improvement Researcher/Volunteer
Wajma, Guelph, Health Planner
Sanjukta Mohanta, Mississauga, Dentist
Alisa Fiorino, Guelph, Youth Worker
Karrie Cumming, Fergus, Health Promoter
Joan Johnson, Hamilton, Exeuctive Assistant
Doreen Khamo, Toronto, MSW student
Peggy Nickels, Kitchener, Health Promoter
Natasha Tutt, Brampton, Social Worker
Edesiri Udoh, Brampton, Health Promoter
Becky Lambert, Toronto, Midwife
Becky Lambert, Toronto, Midwife
Mary Alice Henry, Ottawa, Physician
Christine M Burton, Ottawa, CX and service delivery research
Kitty Braceland, Ottawa, retired nurse practitioner
Dona Bowers, Ottawa, Family Physician
Anne Rucchetto, Toronto, Public Health Researcher
Marina Forn, Richmond Hill, Bookkeeper
tam goossen, Toronto, concerned Torontonian
Ayesha Kalim, Burlington,
Sandy Barrera, North York, Researcher
Sandy Barrera, North York, Researcher
Nigel Barriffe, Toronto, Teacher
Salnib Sath, Hamilton, Student
Hope M, Hamilton, Student
Bassem Mehkaeil, Mississauga, Student
Ravaida Ali, Hamilton, Student
Amna Iqbal, Oakville, Student
Areeb Zafar, Hamilton, Student
Sahar Syed, Oakville, Student
Nour Alyousef, Oakville, Student
Bahja Jama, Hamilton, Student
Safiyyah Mahomed, Toronto, Medical Student
Zaid Alomari, Hamilton, student
Chloe Cadieux, Toronto, Medical Student
Rushil Chaudhary, Toronto, Medical Student
Patricia Hoyeck, Toronto, Medical Student
Rooshna Fatima, Oakville, Student
Kelvin Ng, Hamilton, Student
Kyle Godden, Hamilton, Medical Student
Iqra Masoom, Mississauga, Student
Evan Ansell, Hamilton, Student
Sahra Gedleh, Mississauga, Student
Keerolos Taw, Mississauga, Student
Paul Slodovnick, Hamilton, Medical Student
Bailey Chenier, Hamilton, Student
Paolo Muti, Hamilton, Professor
Kaesavan Selvakumaran, Toronto, Student
Portia Worthy, Hamilton, student
Janelle Syring, Hamilton, Physiotherapist & Medical Student
Maurana Brush, Hamilton, Medical Student
Rohit Malyala, Markham, Student
Adam Khalaf, Hamilton, Student
Rachel Whittaker, Toronto, n/a
Chenchen Tian, Toronto,
Karen Orig, Hamilton, student
Mobeen Mubasher, Toronto, Student
Jane Luft, Thunder Bay, Student
Madeleine Lepard, Hamilton,
Irene Baradi, Mississauga, Student
Teresa Rogalinski, Hamilton, student
Maham Tariq, Brampton, Student
Adriana Tugg, hamilton, student
Erin Hopkins, Hamilton, Student
Manisha Etwaroo, Hamilton, Student
Xiance Qi, Hamilton, student
Alice Soper, Kingston, Student
Aiyana Musgrave, Hamilton, Student
Shannon Machry, Mississauga, Nursing Student
Taylor Chinn, Cambridge, Student - Nursing
Arubi Suthaharan, Milton, Student
Julia Cousins, Hamilton,
Ashley Russell, Hamilton,
arianne dela torre, milton, student
Brittany Allan, Caledonia, Public Speaker
robyn sawyer, hamilton,
Matt Sibbald, Hamilton, Physician
Juliana Gallas, Petawawa, Student
Diana, Grimsby, Student
Francesca Mortin, Toronto, Student
Isabella McNamara, Hamilton,
Hina Bhakta, Hamilton, Lab Tech
Amanda Comeau, Kitchener, Student
Suvetha Balraj, Hamilton, Student
Rachel Tran, Hamilton,
Matthew Chau, Hamilton, Student
michelle, Hamilton,
marta canesi, monza/italy, nurse
Dima Malkawi, oakville, Student
Jacob Helm, London, Student
Bilal Maqbool, Mississauga, University Course Support
Eric Thompson, Hamilton, Student
Melissa Ganguli, Hamilton, Student
Kusum Kansal, Thornhill, Accounting
Sohan Kansal, Thornhill, Accountant
Winnie Falkenstein, Toronto, Elections Coordinator
Sana Gill, Hamilton, Student
Ilaneet Goren, Toronto, Equity Educator
Megan Desjardins, Toronto,
Stephanie Massot, Toronto, Health Promotion Consultant
Ria Rongo, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Munira Shabber, Toronto, Nutritionist
Sarah Grzincic, Mississauga, Project Coordinator
Marka H, Toronto, Social worker
Michelle Xu, Hamilton, Student
Reshma Dhrodia, Toronto, U of T Student Life, Outreach & Equity Advisor
Kailey Morin, Toronto,
Monia Naguib, Toronto, Student
Sakinah Hasib, Toronto, Mental health worker
Alan Raeside, Windsor, retired
Julie Caron, Toronto, Resident Doctor
Ahmednur Ali, Toronto, Health Policy PhD Student
Avneet Bhullar, Mississauga, Nursing Student
Bo Cheyne, Guelph,
Lindsay Angelow, Ottawa,
Lindsay Angelow, Ottawa,
Oluchi Oti, Toronto, Project Manager
Dennis Raphael, Toronto, University Professor
Alainna Jamal, Toronto, Medical student
Alaina Cyr, Toronto,
C West, Ajax, Non-Profit Programme Manager
Aliah McDonough, Toronto, Student
Surkhab Peerzada, Toronto, Public health practitioner
Bridget Lynch, Toronto, Midwife
Fatah Awil, Toronto, Events Coordinator Health & Wellness Centre UofT Scarborough Student
Gelica Rongo, Toronto, Registered Nurse
Adam Kaufman, Toronto, Family and Emergency Medicine Physician
Lisa King, Toronto,
Tessy, Toronto, Program Assistant/Volunteer coordinator
Maria Cenizal, Toronto, Program Coordinator- Diabetes Education
Omar Ha-Redeye, Toronto, Lawyer
Hayley McFadyen, Toronto,
Kyomi Newhouse, Toronto,
Lynn Newhouse, Toronto, Retired
Maryth Yachnin, Toronto, Lawyer
Nishi Kumar, Toronto, Researcher
Jan Heynen, Ottawa, Retired Engineer
Gary Newhouse, Toronto, Lawyer
Alina Rodrigues, Brampton, ON, Community Health Educator
Jen Goldberg, Toronto, Registered Midwife, MPH student
Sophia Duong, Toronto, Medical Student
Catherine Matolcsy, Toronto, Medical Student
Patricia Palcu, Toronto, Medical Student
Eliza Pope, Toronto, Medical Student
Natalie Klostermann, Toronto, Medical Student
Ada Posner, Toronto, Medical Student
Karissa Holyer, Toronto, Medical Student
Chika Oriuwa, Toronto, Medical Student

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